Neighbor speaks out about Upshur County shooting

Neighbor speaks out about Upshur County shooting
Maria Henderson lives next door to the scene of the crime. Photo by KLTV staff.

UPSHUR COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - A shooting in Upshur County has left two people dead and a third victim in the hospital.  The suspect has been arrested.

It happened at a residence on Private Road 1999 near the intersection of FM 1844 and 271 in south eastern Upshur County. We spoke with a next door neighbor who says she's seen law enforcement at the house before.

The Upshur County Sheriff's Office was notified of the shooting around 9 am. Sheriff Larry Webb and several deputies arrived a short time later.

"The suspect was not here at the scene when we got here," Sheriff Webb stated.

But they did find two people deceased and a third still alive inside the house. Neighbor Maria Henderson says she saw one of the victims about 10 minutes before the incident.

"She pulled up and looked over there at me and my husband. She went in the house," Henderson recalled.

She was still outside when she saw a car leaving the scene in a hurry a short time later.

"I didn't really hear no gunshots or nothing, but we seen that car leaving about to hit this curb right here. Then the police shot down in here, and they come on and questioned us and I told them what kind of car," Henderson stated.

She said she then saw a wounded man helped out the door by deputies.

"He had like a bullet wound here and like he was bleeding over here and down here," Henderson said pointing to her neck, shoulder and leg.

Longview Police were notified that the suspect may be heading to Longview.

"We had gotten word of where he was going to and we had the Longview Police Department help us in locating him," Webb said.

The suspect was arrested at a Longview auto shop near Loop 281 and east Highway 80 around 9:30 am.

Henderson said she's seen deputies at her neighbor's house before.

"The law's done been out here five or six times," Henderson stated.

"You never know, you know what I mean, when somebody'll snap and do that," Henderson added.

Nearby Union Grove school was put on what the Sheriff calls "Soft Lockdown" for a brief time until they knew the suspect was out of the area. The Sheriff says as far as they know the suspect was never on school property.

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