Sabine Rivers flooded from Gladewater to White Oak, boat parade rescheduled

Sabine Rivers flooded from Gladewater to White Oak, boat parade rescheduled
RVs parked near flooded Sabine (Source: KLTV)

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - The water continues to rise for East Texans living along the banks of the Sabine River. From Gladewater to White Oak, drivers are seeing water covering some roadways.|
For many it's a trade-off.  Living along the water sometimes comes with the possibility of flooding. Carter Road near Gladewater, a half mile from the Sabine,  has already flooded out.  River Road near White Oak, the same.

It's something residents like Monroe Luman have seen many times.

"The only people that get trapped in here are the people right down here in the RV's, and they get plenty of warning," he says.

There are no access roads on River Road, so there is no way out if you're flooded in.

"It's inconvenient the direction you have to go. If we want to go to White Oak, we've got to go halfway to Kilgore and double back," Luman says.

A huge Mardi Gras boat parade regatta was planned for Saturday, with businesses like Modisette Welding pitching in, making a paddle-wheeler.

"We're running a 22-horse V-twin engine, into a hydraulic system into a slave pump. It runs about 20 miles an-hour, of course the river is up. It may cause us some issues," says Modisette manager Shane Austin.

Resident Donna Jones has been checking the river level for days, hoping the event will go on.   

"After careful consideration and planning and staging and gauging, we're going to have to reschedule and plan another weekend," Jones says.

"The sooner it goes down, the sooner we can travel this road," says Luman.

The river is expected to crest from Gladewater to White Oak by Sunday.

The regatta has been re-scheduled for March 24.

The county has put up road-blocks on flooded roadways to keep traffic off, and they will ticket any drivers who by-pass a road-block.

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