Search Continues For Gregg County Escapee

The man who escaped police custody Saturday at the Gregg County jail is still on the loose tonight. While in booking, 22-year-old Michael Afotey mixed in among some inmates being transferred from the Gregg County jail and ran off.

Police say they lost him in a wooded area nearby. All along, Sheriff Maxey Cerliano has said Atofey's break was a "one in a million" shot, every step of the escape had to be perfectly timed, and he had to have some luck along the way.

"Not only did everything have to go right for him, we had to make a couple of errors, we've got 185 employees, 92 people to the jail division.  On that day, we had over 540 inmates. You know its not an excuse, but with staff we've got the possibility of human error," said Cerliano.

Sheriff Cerliano says the internal investigation is now focusing on security mistakes and how security will tighten in the future.

Bob hallmark, reporting.