The Lindale Independent School District Is Forced To Make Budget Cuts

Bookkeeping problems during the past few years has forced the Lindale Independent School District to make up a $2.9 million deficit. The Lindale Board of Trustees got a chance to look at the updated school budget this afternoon. The same budget they will be voting on Monday night. The district was forced to make further cuts to balance the budget. This time they looked at cutting salaries in their transportation, maintenance and custodial crew. The new budget is based on a $1.50 tax rate, which will also be voted on Monday night. The district says they will not know how the school will be affected until both the budget and tax rate is voted on, but they did say every department will be affected.

"Each principal was asked what they could do as well as our central office has been asked," said Dr. Jane Morrison, Lindale Superintendent. "No department has been left untouched as far as asking what they can do to help make up the deficit. They've been really great about that." The public meeting will be held Monday night at 6 p.m. in the administration building. Afterwards, the board is expected to vote on the budget.

Molly Reuter, reporting.