321st District Court Judge candidates share their campaign platforms

321st District Court Judge candidates share their campaign platforms
March 6 primaries are underway and there are two candidates running for the 321st District Court Judge: James Carter and Robert Wilson.
Judge Carol Clark is currently the 321st District Judge and is retiring at the end of the year.
The 321st District Court is Smith County’s family court and serves an array of cases involving divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, termination and Child Protective Services.  

Both James Carter and Robert Wilson are currently family law attorneys with their own practices in Smith County.
Carter says his campaign is based on giving families the best possible opportunity for success.
"The families that come in, come in crisis and you want to make sure that as a judge, that you're giving them the best opportunity because they’re going to deal with the ramifications of the decisions you make, the ramifications of that litigation, for years."

Carter says he would also like to focus on improving efficiency because, “Not only does it help the litigant from a financial standpoint, but we know that it helps these families and these children from an emotional standpoint as well”.

Efficiency is also key for Robert Wilson. He says some of his top priorities are making the court, “More effective at protecting children and families, increasing accountability, increasing transparency and also, a priority of mine is to return integrity to family court”. He says the 321st District Court is unique “Because you don’t have to commit a crime to end up in family court. That being the case, I want people to have a good impression of how family court can be, where litigants are giving a fair trial and a decision is giving in a timely matter"

Wilson and Carter are both republican candidates. There are no democratic candidates running for 321st District Court Judge.

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