Liberty Hall to show 'Man on Fire,' movie about ETX civil rights activist minister

Liberty Hall to show 'Man on Fire,' movie about ETX civil rights activist minister

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A movie screening Wednesday in Downtown Tyler brings a Grand Saline producer full circle. Man on Fire tells the story of Charles Robert Moore's final hours before his dramatic death in Grand Saline in 2014.

Man on Fire producer James Sanchez and director Joel Fendelman say they spent two years researching what brought minister Charles Robert Moore from Allen, Texas, to Grand Saline.

"It was really evident that he spent a couple of years really planning this out," director Joel Fendelman said. "He was a lifelong civil rights activist. I mean this was his life."

After hearing about Moore and the note he left behind urging the city to repent of racism, director James Sanchez knew this was his calling.

"I knew immediately if I have one story to tell in my life, this is the story," Sanchez said.

A native of Grand Saline, Sanchez said he was familiar with the allegations of racism in the city.

"It was something that was just commonplace," Sanchez said.

Sanchez and Fendelman interviewed Moore's family members and witnesses.

"You could see it in their eyes when we interviewed them that it really effected them a different way," Fendelman said. "It's something they thought about. It wasn't just oh it's just some guy that set himself on fire and it made them think further about what the reasoning behind this was."

The documentary will begin at 6 p.m. Wednesday at Liberty Hall in Downtown Tyler, and will be shown in Fort Worth on Thursday.

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