Better East Texas: Move beyond talking, posting and actually vote

(KLTV) - If you had to name one topic that gets the most engagement, sharing and commenting on social media, it would have to be politics.  As a society, we just can't help ourselves by trying to expand our political viewpoints.

Think about the amount of time you spend on political content – whether you share posts on Facebook, or just take in articles on political topics.  You would think by those actions that politics are the most important aspect of our lives.  But when you look at voting statistics, you would think that interest in the political process is non-existent.

Most of us don't vote.  In the last primary with a similar ballot, back in March of 2016, less than thirty percent of registered voters turned out for the primary.  So, out of 14 million registered voters in Texas, only about 4 million showed up.  So, it is safe to say that your vote counts, and when you cast your vote, it counts for about three and half Texans.  That's pretty powerful, but also a shame if you are registered and decide not to vote.

With all the movements and protests and policy debate at every level of government, we all need to vote.  Sadly though, many who don't vote will still cast stones and demand action from those that the minority of us elected.  And they may be right, but they have removed themselves from the process and do not deserve a voice if they choose not to vote.  It is that simple – so vote – and that will make for a better East Texas.

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