Better East Texas: What is being done to prevent mass shootings?

(KLTV) - As a nation, we have endured mass shootings that have taken the lives of innocent children. The most recent was the school shooting in Florida.

Innocent, helpless students attacked and killed in what most of us regard as what should be one of the safest places our children can be – a school.  There is always debate on whether we need more gun control or whether we need changes in mental health laws, or if it is just a reflection of the erosion of the family unit – throwing the sanctity of life out the window.

Lots of debates.  Lots of debates that have gotten us nowhere as a nation. Debates that rage on social media, on talk shows, and cable news shows.  But very few debates that matter. I don't believe there has been any modification of any law or regulation trying to address this.  And that is perhaps the most criminal condition that exists in Congress.

Congress cannot even begin to debate the possibility of revised laws no matter the subject – gun control – mental illness or something else. They sit by and say – "Now is not the time - Don't politicize these events," but it appears that it is never a good time to take up the debate.

Our government has a history of acting swiftly on needs like safety devices on cars, restrictions on chemical uses in our yards and in our homes.  Even toy safety is acted upon quickly and decisively.  But no action on how to address mass shootings – crickets. Several have tried to introduce bills but they never seem to gain traction and that is so sad.

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