Better East Texas: Joy Behar's negative comments about Christianity

(KLTV) - I have said it before in this forum, but some of the programming on our network – ABC – is just not worth watching.

Most recent has been the comments by Joy Behar on The View.  I believe it is fantastic that ABC, and really every network, has a talk show, and the networks pretty much let the hosts and talent give their opinions. It is healthy most of the time, and it sparks debate and discussion and gets people thinking about issues that they might miss.

But when a host goes after someone's faith and calls the Vice President's submission to and leadership from God a mental illness, it is just too much. You can find healthy debates on religion and discussion from people of all faiths defending their religion – but to call someone's religion a mental illness shows the true spiritual condition of the offender and the network needs to act.

Again, I love a healthy debate and The View occasionally has spirited, non-condemning debate.  So, reset the program, it has potential. Identify those things that are off-limits, and let the sparring begin again. Inaction on the part of the network is essentially condoning this type of dialogue and lowers the bar for future personal attacks that will sink even lower – probably from all sides.

Name calling and Facebook petitions won't do a thing to Joy Behar, nor will they result in a course correction.  It needs to be a professional but very direct disciplining, and then an apology. Only then will it make for a Better East Texas.

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