Dozens Killed In Peru Plane Crash

At least one American is dead in the latest of several major airline accidents around the world this month. At least 41 people have been killed in the crash of a Peruvian jetliner that split in two as it tried to make an emergency landing in a fierce storm.

An airline official says wind shear could have caused the accident. That's a sudden change in wind speed or direction. One survivor says the plane began to shake a lot minutes before the crash.

At least 56 people were hurt. But a police official also says some people "walked away from the crash." Eleven Americans were aboard the plane. Two are unaccounted for.

Last week, 160 passengers and crew died when a West Caribbean Airways MD-80 aircraft went down in Venezuela. Two days earlier, 121 people died when a Cyprus-registered Helios Airways Boeing crashed into mountains near Athens. Sixteen people were believed to have died on August 6 when a Tunisia's Tuninter plane crashed off Sicily. And on August 2, all 309 people survived when an Air France Airbus A340 overshot the runway in Toronto.