VIDEO: Here's how giraffe's hooves get trimmed

VIDEO: Here's how giraffe's hooves get trimmed
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - How are a giraffe's hooves trimmed?

Thanks to a behind-thee-scenes peek at Caldwell Zoo, now we know.

Monday, Caldwell Zoo shared zoo keeper Kristen Jolly's post demonstrating how their male giraffe, Marjani, practices curling is foot over a foot block. Jolly has been training with Marjani in order prepare him to have his hooves trimmed. This was the first time that Marjani had curled his foot over a block and is an important step in his preparation. In her post Jolly said that it was her first time training a giraffe in hoofwork.

"When he curled his foot over, it was like fireworks went off inside me, its hard to describe how happy I was," posted Jolly. "This is my heart and soul right here," she said later in the post.

Jolly mentions that it was experiences like this that motivated her to become a zookeeper, something that she has wanted to do since she was in the 10th grade.

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