Man arrested in Brownsboro ISD threat in jail on $25K bond

Man arrested in Brownsboro ISD threat in jail on $25K bond
Alonzo Jorge (Source: Henderson County Judicial Records)

BROWNSBORO, TX (KLTV) - A Murchison man has been identified as one of three Brownsboro ISD students arrested following reported threats made at the high school last week.

Alonzo Jorge, 17, is charged with terroristic threat. His bond has been set at $25,000.

Brownsboro ISD Police Chief Chad Wilhelm said the other two arrested are juveniles and their names will not be released. Seventeen is considered an adult when it comes to crime in the state of Texas.

Wilhelm said students said they heard Jorge say he would show up to the school and shoot it up.

"We interviewed quite a few students who corroborated what was heard," Wilhelm said.

Wilhelm said he would not comment on whether Jorge confessed to the threat and he did not know if Jorge was actually planning on following up with the threat.

"It's hard to say with him," Wilhelm said. "He just turned 17 so a lot of his background in the past can't get exposed. I will say he's someone we know real well and he's had a history of disciplinary issues."

Wilhelm said it is school policy that any students who make threats like this are placed in alternative school, pending the investigation.

"I doubt he'll be back on Brownsboro High property, "Wilhelm said. "I don't think he has the financial means to post that bond and I don't know if a bail bondsman would want to post for him, given the circumstances."

"I would like to say that police and school staff appreciate students coming forward and making us aware of this situation," Wilhelm said. "They're an integral part of our community and help keep us safe and we could not have made this arrest without them."

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