ETX 5-year-old approaches officer to say 'thank you'

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - He may only be 5 years-old, but Sidney Anderson knows all about respecting the police.

Anderson, 5, of Gladewater, has always had a special admiration for police, according to his mom, Kandi Davis.

On Friday night, Sidney and mom attended the Center vs Van playoff game at Pine Tree High School. Davis says when they arrived he spotted Longview Officer Josh Marrs. Sidney asked his mom if he could go talk to the officer and she said yes.

Davis says Sidney walked over, said hello to the officer and told him "thank you, sir, for your service to the community."

The Longview Police Department shared Davis' post with the caption "Way to go Officer Marrs!"

Officer Marrs replied thank you, asked his name, and ended up giving Sidney his badge. Officer Marrs even told Sidney he'd give him a tour of his squad car later in the evening, and he kept that promise!

"I'm so proud of Sidney," says Davis.

Mom says this isn't the first time her son has done this. He's always admired police officers.

"Any chance he gets he will speak to them," said Davis.

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