Smart Tape: "Does It Work?"

The Smart Tape Digital Tape Measure, stretches out 25 feet, but is almost as long on promises. Handyman, Curt Sallee will help us test it out. The project: Hang some shelves in his wife's office.

The biggest difference between the Smart Tape and other tape measures is the digital LED. It gives you the exact length of tape right there on the readout in nice large letters. And because it's digital, you're just a button away from converting those measurements into other forms, centimeters, etc. There's also something called a "hold" button. Get your measurement, press hold, then let go if you wish. The digital readout saves your measurement. It's especially helpful if you are measuring something above your head and can't see the tape. And when you get your readout, press the record button. You can speak your measurements into the built-in microphone.

The Smart Tape records your comments in one of two, ten second memory banks. When you go to make your cuts or calculations, just press play and the Smart Tape plays them back on the built-in speaker.

Curt finished the shelves with no problem.

"The recording works great," he says. "The only downfall, you can only record two at a time."

But Curt had some issues with the Smart Tape. Size was one of them. "It's big and bulky," he says. "If you're out in the field working, it would be a pain to go up and down a ladder with it on your clip."

He likes the automatic metric conversions, although he's not sure he'd ever use it. Curt thinks the digital readout is great, especially for people with vision problems. But he doesn't foresee a lot of construction guys going to this type of thing. "I think it would be better for a homeowner for the simple fact that, the guys out in the field, first time you drop this thing, I think it would be an issue."

So, keeping in mind, it is for home use, we ask, "Does It Work?"

"Yes," says Curt. "It does a good job."

The Smart Tape gets a "yes."

We paid $7.99 for the Smart Tape at Tyler's Bed, Bath & Beyond.