Lindale firefighters prepare for severe weather

Lindale firefighters prepare for severe weather
Lindale Volunteer Fire Department (Source: KLTV)

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - Lindale fire officials say every day brings a set of risks and challenges for firefighters; but on a day like this when East Texans anticipate severe weather, firefighters are on high alert.

Some days when skies are stormy Lindale firefighters respond to thirty calls. Some days there's only one call. But no matter how many they receive fire officials say they are always a little on edge.

"Every time it rains you're thinking okay are we going to go, are we not gonna go and how many times are we going to go out," Lindale Fire Chief Joe Yeakley says. "So yeah it's always a high alert day whenever it's raining cause there's a potential for several calls during rainy days."

Lindale Volunteer Fire Department's Public Information Officer Jerry Garner says they prepare for days like this by monitoring the weather and notifying people of what to expect.

"[We] try to make our people more aware; we put out the information through our communication system of the weather alerts and what's expected," he says.

Garner says on rainy days they always prepare to be of assistance along interstate 20.

"We cover fourteen miles of I-20 and that's always an issue particularly in rainy weather, so we're kind of expecting and prepared for our responses to I-20; of course, with the tornado watches and severe weather watches, we're keyed up for that," he says. "We've been hit twice by tornadoes in the last two years so that increases our awareness."

During severe weather firefighters take extra precautions to maintain their safety.

"We try to keep our people particularly aware of what's going on around them, and we set up our safety zones," he says. "We have additional apparatus back behind the accident blocking for us to try to get everybody slowed down and moved over."

Garner says safety measures are extremely important in bad weather conditions to avoid additional wrecks on the roadway.

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