Spring Hill ISD superintendent: Student had inoperable BB pistol, Air-Soft rifle in car

Spring Hill ISD superintendent: Student had inoperable BB pistol, Air-Soft rifle in car
Source: Spring Hill ISD Facebook page

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Spring Hill ISD's superintendent sent out a message Thursday morning, informing parents about an incident that occurred at the district's high school campus earlier this week.

After Spring ISD's administration got a report of possible weapons in a student's car, the vehicle was searched, and the school resource officer found a BB gun and an Airsoft rifle. Both were broken and inoperable.

"This week we had an incident that I would like to inform everyone about. As you can read in the letter below from High School Principal Mr. Robinett, we had a report of possible weapons in a student's car," Spring Hill ISD Superintendent Steve Snell said in his mid-week message. "Upon searching the car, we did find two inoperable weapons, one a BB gun and one an Airsoft rifle. Both of these items are prohibited, and we are thankful and fortunate that the situation was handled quickly and without incident."

Snell's message was posted on the Spring Hill ISD Facebook page.

In the message, Snell went on to say that everyone - students, faculty members and staff, and parents has an important role in ensuring the safety of people at the Spring Hill campuses.

"Any time a student or parent sees something (either in person or on social media) or hears something, it is of the utmost importance to report it to school officials," Snell said. "Please don't think we already know or someone else will tell us. We welcome all phone calls no matter what the rumor is, we want to know."

Snell said that in the coming days, the district's leadership will host safety conversations with the students to see what everyone in the school district can do to work together as a team to keep Spring Hill ISD's schools as safe as possible.

In the letter that Snell referenced, Rusty Robinett, Spring Hill High School's principal, stressed that safety is the number one concern for the school's administrators and faculty.

"Over the holiday weekend, Spring Hill Administration was notified that we had a student who had a gun in his car," Robinett said in his letter. "Following the district's emergency operational procedures, the student was questioned, and the car was searched. During the search, our school research officer found a BB pistol and an Airsoft rifle. Both were broken and inoperable, but had the appearance of real firearms."

Robinett said it was fortunate that the items found weren't real.

"However, this incident emphasizes the importance of reporting any possible incident to school administrators immediately," Robinett said in the letter. "Just like in the Florida tragedy, there were many students who had seen the items and/or heard about the items but didn't report to the administration."

The Spring Hill High School principal said that in upcoming conversations the district's leadership will have with students, they will stress the consequences of this type of behavior.

"The safety of our students is our number one daily priority," Robinett said. "The possible threat and any others are taken seriously and investigated to the fullest."

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