Better East Texas: Living within our means on federal level

(KLTV) - The president has proposed a massive change in how America budgets and spends tax money as a country.  The president would love to spend less on international expenses, while increasing money for infrastructure.  It is a popular pledge to spend trillions to rebuild our country and follow the president's motto of "America First."

We absolutely do need improved infrastructure – roads, bridges, tunnels, waterways, all of it needs improvement.  Other increases come in the areas of Veteran's Affairs, defense and the military and border security. But just like any budget, you have to pay for expense items, and the president is proposing huge overall expense increases.

Experts agree that this will trigger more deficit spending which is essentially kicking the can down the road for future generations to deal with reversing the amount of debt America owes. Now the president's budget is more of a wish list as Congress is charged with creating a final negotiated budget. But Congress has failed to do its job in recent years and we have been operating without a formal budget, which leads to short term spending measures, which lead to the threats and occasional realities of government shutdowns.

All because Congress cannot negotiate a budget.  But regardless of whether they can or cannot pass a budget, we must reduce deficit spending – essentially borrowing money to run the country.  You couldn't operate your household for an extended period that way, and neither can America.  We must live within our means and doing so at the federal level will show we have some self-discipline, and will make for a Better East Texas.

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