Showdown In The West Bank

Police have dragged Israeli protesters out of the main synagogue in the West Bank settlement of Sanur (sah-NOOR'), after breaking open an iron barricade with circular saws. As troops entered, about two dozen youths sat on the floor, and one man walked around hugging a Torah scroll. The evacuation was completed in less than an hour. They also broke into an old British fort in a West Bank settlement to remove dozens of Israeli extremists holed up inside. In another settlement, young women soldiers carried a screaming baby out of a home and cradled a petrified little girl with a pink bunny-shaped backpack. The soldiers met stiff, but nonviolent resistance. Meantime, Israeli and Palestinian security officials say Palestinian gunmen opened fire at Israeli troops a few miles away from the West Bank pullback. That sparked a gunbattle that wounded one militant member of Islamic Jihad.