Longview police investigating shooting of estranged wife by husband

Longview police investigating shooting of estranged wife by husband

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Longview police are investigating a domestic disturbance Thursday which ended with one man dead and his estranged wife fighting for her life.

Police were called just before 7 Thursday night to a parking lot close to the Planet Beach Tan near the Longview Mall. When officers arrived they found 54-year-old Kenneth Jack Jordan of Longview dead from a gunshot wound inside a car at the location.

His wife, Diana Jordan, was injured from a gunshot wound and was taken to a hospital where she is still being treated.They had arrived in separate cars, but investigators say everything took place in a vehicle. Somehow Kenneth Jordan got his wife into it, and shots were fired.

"The witnesses informed us the male had a weapon and was shooting. The shots fired did appear to happen in the vehicle," says Longview police Sgt. Shane McCarter.

Diana Jordan remains hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.
The preliminary autopsy on Kenneth shows he apparently turned the weapon on himself after shooting his wife twice.

"My understanding is there was two shots, I believe there was a pause, then there was a single shot, with that single shot being Mr. Jordan shooting himself," says Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 Tim Bryan

The possible motive for this could be tragically simple: a marriage that was about to end. Court records show Jordan's wife had filed for divorce.

He was arrested on January 28 for DWI and unlawfully carrying a weapon,  and for slashing the tires of a man his wife was seeing.

"There were some other options she was attempting to get, possibly a protective order," McCarter says.

Bryan says the self-inflicted wound was unusual.

"He did have a contact wound to his chest, which means the barrel of the gun, front of the gun was up against the skin, close to the skin, which creates a tattooing. A lot of times people usually don't shoot themselves in the chest," Bryan says.

He died from a shot to the heart.

Kenneth Jordan's car has been taken into evidence by police for forensic examination.
Final autopsy on Jordan's body, including toxicology, could be completed within two weeks.

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