Streets Of Speed: County Road Residents Endangered By Speeders

A family has lived in Smith County near Lindale for more than a century.

But, some lead-footed drivers are making this once peaceful piece of countryside extremely dangerous.

The speed limit is 40 miles per hour, on County Road 498 between Jim Hogg road and FM 16.

"I don't let [my daughter] play outside by herself. It's just not safe with all of the speeders," says Amanda Starkey who won't let her daughter out of her sight. Even with a fence around part of their yard, the danger keeps rolling toward them.

Her mother, Ruth Praytor, agrees: "You can put up all the speed limit signs you want to, but until people choose to obey those speed limit signs, I don't know what's going to happen. It scares me."

The whole clan calls County Road 498 home and have for generations. The road, though, is more and more dangerous.

Ruth says, "I saw a black car come down the road and just veer into [her son's] yard. No sound of tires squealing or anything."

The car left the narrow road toward where Ruth's son had been standing.

"He had been out mowing in his yard and I could not see him."

It missed him, barely.

"She wasn't paying attention, she went through his yard spinning and I'm just thankful my two little grandsons were in the house," Ruth adds.

There are many children in this area who want to play, but it's a street of speed.

We clocked many vehicles going well above the posted 40 mile per hour speed limit, including two over 55.

Ruth and Amanda hope and pray drivers will get the message, they're passing something precious going much too fast.

"Please slow down, please slow down," Ruth pleads.

Following the close call, with the car nearly hitting Ruth's son, Ruth sent a letter to the county, and she says more officers have been patrolling.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.