7 On Your Side: Texas Roadside Assistance

Traveling on the highway, you pull over to the side because of car trouble. You're hundred of miles away from home and you likely don't know the area. Who do you call?? The answer is in your wallet. On the back of every single Texas driver's license in small, black print is the number to Texas Roadside Assistance. "I didn't know that," says Kenneth Thomas, leaving DPS with his daughter, Deborah, who just received her license. "525-5555. Roadside assistance," says Deborah looking at the back of her new license. I've never heard of that before." 

According to DPS Trooper Jeanne Steely, "It's just another tool that is provided to you if you need some roadside assistance." DPS says it's best to call when you're stranded with car problems, in hazardous road conditions or see debris in the roadway. After dialing the 800 number you're greeted by a live operator, who will help access your problem and find the most appropriate solution. "The services that are provided especially if it's an outside source, a tow truck driver or a mechanic," says Trooper Steely. Law enforcement can also be dispatched if they're in the area. But take note of any extra help to get you back on the road. "Of course any costs that are incurred go back to the driver." For Kenneth and his teen daughter, Deborah, those extra costs are worth the security of knowing help is at their fingertips. "[It's] good to know they got that service for our citizens," says Kenneth.

The number to Texas Roadside Assistance is 1-800-525-5555. It is mainly for non-emergencies. For emergencies, DPS stresses calling 911 first.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com