Proud of East Texas: Love & War in Texas

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - Tye Phelps grew up immersed in everything Texas.

"I grew up in Texas and my dad was in the Chamber business and the tourism business and we both loved Texas."

So it was only natural that Phelps would open a business celebrating the Lone Star State, with his menu at Love & War in Texas reflecting the various foods from all areas of the state.

"I wanted to open a place where I'd like to go that celebrates music and food and the heritage of Texas."

Phelps opened Love & War in Texas in Plano in 1999, and the restaurant was a success from the beginning.

Country music star Miranda Lambert and her family had been close friends of Phelps ever since he provided a venue for Miranda to perform as a 16-year-old, early in her career.

"That's probably the only reason that I would ever consider coming to a smaller market."

The decision to move to Lindale has turned out to be a good one.

"We opened up crazy busy."

And business has been pretty crazy busy ever since.

With Miranda's Pink Pistol shop next door and festivals throughout the year attracting people by the thousands, the concept of the Cannery as an entertainment center fits right in with Phelps Texas music, Texas food, and Texas heritage concept.

"Texas is really the only state that has pretty much every geographical region you can think of."

So, whether your taste is German bratwurst from the hill country, chili from the border, or East Texas cornbread, Love & War in Texas has the food with music to match.

In just one evening at Love & War in Texas, you can travel Texas and enjoy the food and music of this incredible place we call Texas.

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