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Man arrested after allegedly threatening to kill ETX police officers

Ross Lindsey (Source: Gladewater police) Ross Lindsey (Source: Gladewater police)
Ross Lindsey's alleged threats (Source: Gladewater police) Ross Lindsey's alleged threats (Source: Gladewater police)

An East Texas man is in jail after reportedly making social media threats to "shoot an officer in the face."

White Oak police were alerted to the threats being posted on Snapchat by a man who had been previously arrested on a marijuana charge. Police say after the first arrest of 21-year-old Ross Lindsey of Gladewater, he went on a tirade of harassing the department.

"Since that time we had been receiving repeated phone calls. When it gets to the point where they're requesting home addresses, specific times in their routines, that's when you start take more notice," says White Oak Police Lieutenant Brannon Robertson.
Robertson says Lindsey had posted videos on Snapchat with the messages 'ready to blast White Oak police in the face' and  'I'll shoot a cop in the face from White Oak'. And there was something else.

"This crossed the line. He wanted to know where officers lived, when they came to work, when they went home," the lieutenant says.

Most law enforcement are unmoved by veil-threats and sometimes abusive language. But this was much different. A specific threat against the White Oak Police Department.

"I don't remember the time frame, but there's been 11 officers killed recently. We're not going to take the chance of 'well, maybe he doesn't mean it,'" says Robertson.

On video, police say Lindsey posted from inside the lobby of the White Oak Police Department, reportedly daring officers to stop him.

"One of the message he had on social media was that he had a pound of weed. Basically, daring them to pull him over. He's doing things to elicit the contact," Robertson says.

Officers say after seeing the videos, they had enough.

Ross Lindsey remains in the Gregg County jail on 50-thousand dollars bond, charged with obstruction or retaliation.

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