Serial Bomber Faces Sentencing

Convicted bomber Eric Rudolph faces sentencing for his role in three bombings in Atlanta, including the 1996 deadly bombing at Centennial Olympic Park. The 38-year-old Rudolph led police on a elusive manhunt until his capture in 2003.

Eric Rudolph masterminded three bombings in Atlanta. But the attack during the summer Olympics nine years ago is the only one Rudolph has shown any remorse. The explosion in the midst of an evening outdoor concert at Centennial Olympic Park shot screws and nails rocketing from an exploding backpack into the crowd. The blast killed 44 year-old Alice Hawthorne and injured 111 others.

In a statement Rudolph issued last April, he apologized to the Olympic Park victims and their families. Though he had purposely planned the bombing to embarrass the government for its stance on abortion.

Later, Rudolph detonated a bombs at an Atlanta abortion clinic. A second bomb was timed to explode when police responded to the first blast. In all, 6 people were injured.

Rudolph used a similar tactic when he struck again at a gay nightclub in Atlanta. Last month, he was sentenced to two life sentences in the bombing of a Birmingham, Alabama abortion clinic. Victims and family members who spoke after that sentencing called Rudolph a "monster."