Bush Heads To VFW Convention To Rally Support On Iraq

Beginning a three-day break from his Texas ranch vacation, President Bush is using a veterans convention today to rally support for the war in Iraq.

The president is flying to Salt Lake City to speak to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. It's the first of two speeches Bush is giving this week portraying victory in Iraq as crucial to the war on terror.

Wednesday, he speaks to National Guard troops and families in Idaho.

Looking ahead to the upcoming anniversary of the Nine-Eleven attacks, Bush will maintain America must stay on the offense against terror networks.

Meantime, supporters of Cindy Sheehan (SHEE'-han), whose son was killed in Iraq and who's been protesting near Bush's ranch, are airing a T-V ad in Salt Lake City. In it, Sheehan asks, how many more need to die in what she says is "this senseless war."

An A-B-C affiliate refused to run the ad, calling it "inappropriate."

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