Longview bakery dips hundreds of pounds of berries in chocolate for Valentine's Day

Longview bakery dips hundreds of pounds of berries in chocolate for Valentine's Day
They're dipping of couple hundred pounds of these for Valentine's Day. Photo by Jamey Boyum KLTV.

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - It's that time of year to get sweets for your sweet, and there is a lot available to choose from. But at Edible Art in Longview, Valentine's Day is taken very seriously, and whether it's chocolate strawberries or cookies with a message, you can bet none of it is half-baked.

Debbie Fontaine owns Edible Art Specialty Cakes & Cookies in Longview, and it took a long time to get an interview with her. Why? She was just too busy for this news stuff. In fact, she had to hire a temp named Strawberry to man the phone and answer strawberry questions.

"Yeah, definitely. So we have some available now. We're going to be continuing to make them today and tomorrow so they will be available tomorrow as well," Strawberry said on the phone.

So, now you know the strawberry situation.

"And we've already dipped over a hundred pounds worth of strawberries," Fontaine said.

But don't worry, there are more being dipped in the back.

"And I've got probably another hundred pounds coming in the next couple of hours, so we can make it through tomorrow night when we close," Fontaine said.

And their dipped strawberries don't sweat or break apart into shards of chocolate when you bite them, because they use the good stuff.

"When you have a team that really cares, it shows," Fontaine said. "There's 13 people that we've recruited to help us this Valentine's Day and the team has just worked all weekend," Fontaine stated.

The berries are made freshly each day; they don't make the goodies a month out and freeze them.

"In our business we can't do too many things ahead of time. Ours have to be done daily," Fontaine explained.

Strawberries not your thing? There is a while display case filled with other treats, including Valentine-themed cookies.

Fontaine said that her business is a family-oriented place.

"It's just really nice to employ mothers and grandmothers and college students, and watching them grow and being able to work with their hours and around their families," Fontaine revealed.

You can call an order in, but you might be better off just going to Edible Art, which is right across South Street from the Longview Police Department. They're ready for the crowd, though Debbie says they're even busier this year than last year.

Visit the Edible Art Facebook page here. 

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