Massive fire destroys million dollar home in Marshall

Massive fire destroys million dollar home in Marshall
Fire destroys home in Marshall (Source: City of Marshall, TX Facebook page)

MARSHALL, TX (KLTV) - A massive fire has reduced a large East Texas home to ashes.

Every available Marshall firefighter was called out just after 4 a.m. Wednesday to a huge fire in the 4600 block of Forest Trail.

"The embers and sparks and fire brands from the fire coming off the house filled the woods. It's one of the larger residential fires we've seen in a significant time," said Marshall Assistant Fire Chief Joey Hudson.

The occupants of the 10,000 square foot residence called in the fire and escaped unharmed. But because the home was on private property and gated, it presented a problem for responders.

"It was a large residential structure fire that ended up being in an area that was a little bit remote," Hudson says.

When the initial firefighters arrived, they tried to attack the fire and go inside. But officials say suddenly the rooms around them began to burst into flames, and they were forced to retreat.

"Fire may start to grow and burn in areas that they may not be aware of. Fire personnel could be in more danger or potential danger than they already are. As the fire grew, the incident commander decided to pull everybody out, and developed a defensive strategy," says Hudson.

A ladder truck and water cannon were available, but crews had to stretch nearly 3,000 feet of hose to get water.

"The closest hydrant was some distance away. The entire on-duty department was there," the assistant chief says.

The $1.39 million home was a total loss. The massive billowing smoke, resulted in an unusual call to the fire department; it was from the National Weather Service.

"The National Weather Service picked up the smoke plume from this fire on their radar," Hudson says.

Fire marshals are investigating what could have been the possible cause of the blaze, including whether a lightning strike could have played a role.

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