Better East Texas: What is up N. Korea's sleeve during the Olympics?

(KLTV) - The Olympics are a great time for the countries of the world to put aside differences, come together, and compete for the prize of being crowned world champion.

This year's winter games start soon and much attention is being given to the fact that North and South Korea will show up and participate in several events under a unified Korean flag.  This is the most visible sign of a thaw between the nations that are technically at war but have endured decades of separated families, economies and world standing.

It seems like this one-flag unification would be welcomed in diplomatic circles, but there is a load of cautiousness that is easy to justify.  North Korea has a long history of using optics to buy time or misdirect attention away from their work to develop the capability of producing and launching a nuclear weapon to many areas of the globe.

The international community wants North Korea disarmed and North Korea wants a big seat at the world table. Something has to give.  Perhaps it is the skeptic in me, but this move to march under one flag in the Olympics does not fit the motives of the North Korean regime and may only be there to buy them time by keeping the US and other nations on pause during the Olympics.

It is hard to see the games potentially become a pawn in this high-stake game and it is even more distressing to watch North Korea putting on a sheep's clothing while remaining a wolf.  We'll see how it works and hope, at least, for a great experience for all Olympians.z

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