Better East Texas: Race for district attorney heats up

(KLTV) - The race for district attorney is heating up. That is a statement that, depending on where you live in East Texas that may truly apply to your county.

The two largest counties in East Texas – Smith and Gregg, both have contentious races for their respective District Attorney posts. In Smith County, you have candidates Jacob Putman and Alicia Barkley going at it with questions flying around on Putman's practices as Assistant DA. With the most recent revelations essentially clouding the water around current DA Matt Bingham's enforcement of his own policies.

In Gregg County, we have the sitting District Attorney, Carl Dorrough, being challenged by attorney Tom Watson.  Dorrough is the incumbent but Watson has the endorsement of several local law enforcement heads and groups.

All of these candidates are vying for a job that has limited reward when compared to the task they are charged with, and it appears each of these candidates are up for the task.  The pressure is on, not just the candidates, but for all of us who vote.

So, whether you live in Gregg or Smith County or any of the other counties that make up east Texas, do your homework on the impactful races you can vote on.  It is rewarding to see that we have choices in these and other races and that good people are stepping up to serve.  We need more of that at in every level of government, and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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