Better East Texas: Get off social media, go research candidates before voting

(KLTV) - It is hard to find anyone without an opinion on the current state of our political system.  And most of the time, people express that opinion to their family in person and their friends through social media.

Some people spend hours a week composing statements, searching or creating cute graphics, responding to a debate or participating in an argument on Facebook.  Think of it – hours a week.  Some people are invested much more than that.  
While I wouldn't consider those hours wasted, I am yet to see a post or series of posts where someone has convinced someone else to change their feelings on a political matter.  It just doesn't happen. If it does, no one posts about their conversion.

So, we do this, largely for our own ego drive or just to let people know where our beliefs are, but these actions are largely not influential. To truly be influential in our political system, you need to vote.  And if people invested half the time they do in political candidate and issue research as they do in crafting social media posts, we would have a very informed electorate.  And America would be stronger.

But the bottom line is - most people don't vote, but many non-voters love to sit back and throw political stones on social media.  If you are registered to vote, way to go.  You have about a month to research candidates and issues and make up your own mind on which way to vote.  Take the time – perhaps sacrificing a little social media time – form an educated opinion, and then vote.  It makes the system stronger and makes for a Better East Texas.

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