Better East Texas: Same SOTU, different interpretations

(KLTV) - President Trump delivered his first State of the Union address, and the analysis of the speech from both sides borders on the ridiculous.

First of all, there was widespread anticipation that somehow this speech was going to unify democrats and republicans. It was single speech and everyone on both sides was on camera, so to have that expectation was dreaming.  If the president had rolled out talking points that embraced the priorities of the democrats, they still would have sat on their hands.  It is how the optics of these events work.

Next, the republicans made it sound as though the speech moved them emotionally through all of the President's priorities. And while the introductions and stories of the president's guests were all very emotional, the rest of the speech simply noted some real accomplishments and what his priorities are moving forward in 2018.  All noble causes, but actions speak louder than words.

We have learned that with this president and especially with this Congress, which has a timer ticking towards the mid-term elections.

But back to the anticipation and the analysis. This was a great example of the national media seeing exactly the same thing and reporting it as essentially two different events. It reminded me that reality is somewhere in the middle, and I am grateful to have watched most of the speech so I can draw my own conclusions.

In this era of blending commentary with coverage of the news, we need more moments where reality cannot be ignored and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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