Smith County Precinct 1 introduces new K9 officer

Smith County Precinct 1 introduces new K9 officer

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The Smith County Commissioners have approved a new K9 for Smith County Precinct 1.

Zena is a three-year-old Dutch Shepherd. Her handler will be Deputy Constable Derick Holman.

Zena is replacing Drako, the previous Precinct 1 K9. "He was a 105-pound German Shepherd, all black, but he's retired due to age, so we're starting over with Zena," said Holman. Holman was also Drako's handler and he will now live with Holman as a pet.

Zena recently completed extensive training. Holman said, "She's been in training since she was born".

According to Smith County Precinct 1 Sergeant Willie Mims, "The dog (Zena) is trained to track people/drugs... She's really a super dog."

Mims continued to say Zena will service East Texas beyond Precinct 1.

"If the city needs a dog, we'll be able to help them out. If the county needs a dog, we're ready to help them also."

Holman says ultimately, he's glad to have another K9 partner at his side.

"It is very beneficial. I need someone to have my back, and I'm pretty sure she'll take care of me."

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