Tyler Police Officer Ready To Return To Work

The Tyler Police Officer no-billied for using excessive force is confident he will return to duty when it's all said and done.

Officer Dale Feuquay is pleased with the efforts given by the Smith Country Grand jury last week but hopes the community will refrain judgment until the internal investigation is complete. That could take another week.

This issue stems from a July 15th traffic stop in Tyler in which two illegal immigrants were arrested under suspicions of a shooting. It was later determined they had nothing to do with it. Feuquay's attorney, Keith Starr, has seen the dash cam video of the incident but could not discuss details. But he did talk about Feuquay's abilities as a police officer.

"Dale Feuquay is an excellent officer. He's an excellent, excellent servant for this community. Last year he was awarded the "Patrol Officer of the Year" award. This is an individual who has served this community many many, many years with great distinction. He really is an outstanding police officer and an outstanding public servant," says Keith Starr.

Officer Feuquay has been with the Tyler Police Department for 11 years. For now, he remains on paid leave but says he is ready to get back to work. He can not comment on the case until the internal investigation is complete.

Gillian Sheridan reporting.