Longview Bikers Show Support For President

A group of east Texas motorcycle riders is headed to president Bushs' Crawford ranch this weekend, to send a message of support to the commander in chief. With a banner that expresses their honor to the president and to veterans, members of the legion riders of Longview are planning to show up in force at the president's Crawford ranch, Saturday morning.

"We just want the president to know that there are citizens of this nation that do appreciate what he's doing for us" said ride organizer Amos Snow.

They've watched the reports of protestors over the last week and decided they'd seen enough and it was time for a new message to the president.

"I understand their loss but I don't want to lessen the sacrifice their child made in protecting freedom, we actually think its a great dishonor to those who have passed away during the war and killed during the war to use their names in this way they didn't go over there to have this happen to them they went over to preserve and protect freedom for the United States of America" Snow says.

All of them veterans, and some on active duty, about a dozen riders will leave for Crawford in the morning, to be joined by dozens of other riders along the way.

"Its a disgrace, for those that have already paid the ultimate price they volunteered to go over there and its disgracing them" said legion 131 post commander Jerry Westphalen.

"Yes we have troops I have troops there and we need to support them and you need to finish the job" said sergeant Ben Gurganus of the Texas Army National Guard.

They plan to set up near the current protestors and show that they are behind the war effort and behind their president. The American Legion post regularly sends care packages to our troops overseas, loaded with needed items that they can't get while on duty. The Legion riders will present a signed "Legion" flag to the presidents aides on Sunday.

Bob Hallmark reporting.