High Gas Prices Leading To Increases For Merchandise And Services

You're paying more at the pump these days, but do you realize you are, or will be, paying more for other services as a result? Over the past three weeks, gas prices hit another record high. That's taking more money out of your wallet and those who provide services to you as well. Now, that extra cost is getting passed on.

From the girl who delivers your pizza, to the guys who deliver appliances to your home, there's no denying, the high price of gasoline is affecting everyone who drives a vehicle. But, the increase in gasoline prices is also affecting you in ways you may not realize. "The prices that we charge are directly affected by gas prices. They're affected by manufacturers charging more because they're affected by gas prices," says Tony Ray, a sales manager at Don's TV & Appliance INC in Tyler.

Ray says manufacturers have raised their prices between three and five percent in the past three months to compensate for the rising gas prices. Now, that increase is being passed on to you. For example, a $430 freezer has gone up in price between 15 and 20 dollars recently. Delivery prices at Don's have also gone up. "The actual cost that we compared from last year to this year with the increase in the gas has gone up by about 25 percent," says Ray.

We also checked in with The Granite Girls just down the street. Owner, Cherie Paro, says the installation company they contract has increased their delivery charge by $25 dollars because of higher gas prices. Paro says although The Granite Girls have not raised their fees, an increase could be in the future if prices continue to go up. "Within the next month or two, if that was to happen, you might see another $25 dollars added on a bill coming from us," says Paro.

In the past three weeks, Paro has lost hundreds of dollars, a trend being felt by businesses all across the country.

Oralia Ortega, reporting, ortega@kltv.com