Got a cold? Maybe pho is your cure

Got a cold? Maybe pho is your cure
Vietnamese pho could help your cold. (Source: KLTV)

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - With cold and flu going around many are looking for a cure, or at least some kind of relief. Mom's prescription was often rest and chicken soup. But if you know anyone who is Vietnamese, they will suggest something called "pho" for what ails you.

It's spelled P-H-O and I always thought it was pronounced FOE, but it's pronounced FUH. It's a rice noodle soup that comes in comes in several meaty flavors. Linda Nguyen is a big believer in pho for flu and colds.

"A lot of people come when they're sick. They come they order chicken soup. Only chicken soup," Linda said.

So it's similar to what mom suggests, just Vietnamese style, and Amy Pearson is a believer.

"I discovered it whenever I married my husband, and his mom would make it for me every time I got sick and it would always make me feel better," Amy revealed.

Linda is such a believer in pho,  that she named her Longview restaurant after it.

Amy, who is a nursing student, is not sick, so she's having flank steak pho.

"When I eat the chicken soup I feel better, but beef soup, no," Linda pointed out.

She says the beef pho is post-recovery. And Amy thinks we're made to heal.

"Well, you don't want to throw antibiotics at everything anyway. The body knows what it's supposed to do."

"I have one customer, he's a doctor. When his family is sick he comes here and orders chicken soup for his children," Linda said.

Nearby at The Little Thai House, owner William Ruegg says they use a spice in some food called star anise.

"One of the ingredients in Tamiflu was derived from anise; star anise," William stated.

Well, you may want to think about lunch at one place and dinner at the other. But, of course Linda has a little more advice, after the pho, for a cold, anyway.

"Maybe Aleve or Advil,  go to sleep two days, two nights, tomorrow it's over," Linda advised.

Linda Nguyen also says if she has a cough or laryngitis she warms raw bean sprouts for 30 seconds in the microwave and eats them while they are warm to clear her throat, but we have not tried that, ourselves.

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