City of Tyler workers discover bigger problem after fixing sinkhole

City of Tyler workers discover bigger problem after fixing sinkhole

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A sinkhole in a Tyler neighborhood has been repaired.

Last week we talked with residents about an eight-foot hole in the ground that was growing bigger everyday. After their repeated calls to the city, officials came to repair the hole in the ground, which was at the corner of Woods Boulevard and Brookview Court.

"Yes, I'm happy," neighborhood resident Pamela Willmann said. "They did a great job."

But Willmann says this is not the first time this neighborhood has seen sinkholes like this.

"They had a sinkhole around the corner and then they had a sinkhole down the street," Willmann said.

While the eight-foot sinkhole has been filled, Willmann says this is just a temporary fix to a much bigger problem. She says after much testing, the city knows there is a problem but can't fix it yet.

"They can't find exactly where that water is running," Willmann said. "It's running somewhere and that's what's causing the collapse."

Willmann says she knows that sinkholes will continue to form as long as the city can't fix the actual problem, but says it doesn't bother her anymore.

"It did for the first three years, and now I've totally given up," Willmann said. "And whatever they do they do, and if they don't they don't."

The City of Tyler responded to these claims saying, "The city will continue to promptly address any issues that arise until a permanent repair can be made."

The city encourages residents to immediately report drainage and other infrastructure issues.
You can do so by download the City of Tyler app and select the report an issue button located at the top of the menu.