95-year-old volunteer continues to give back

95-year-old volunteer continues to give back

GRAND SALINE, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas woman has dedicated decades of her life to volunteering, and at the age of 95, Betty Breaux says she has no plans on slowing down.

Every Monday and Friday you can find Breaux at the Azalea Trail Nursing Home in Grand Saline. Her volunteer shifts start in the morning by making sure everyone is up and ready for the day.

"I check on their health, and let them know we have Bingo at 10 o' clock," said Breaux.

As she makes her rounds down the hall, Breaux makes sure she greets everyone.

At the age of 95, she says volunteering has always been a part of her life, it all began when she was in Girl Scouts.

"I have volunteered since I've been a little girl. I stay busy, keep busy and keep my mind busy," said Breaux.

Breaux has lived in different parts of the world while her husband served in the Military.

While she lived in New Mexico she volunteered at Native American Community Centers, and she says she's logged more than 300 volunteer hours at hospitals in Dallas.

For the last three years, she has been Azalea Trail's most dedicated volunteer, she even has spent time at home creating knitted items for residents and employees.

"You'd be surprised how much crocheting and knitting helps those who need it, and don't know how to do it," said Breaux.

After greeting everyone she comes across Breaux sets up for bingo, an activity she says started off slow but now draws a larger crowd.

"I enjoy coming with other people I enjoy the people here there are wonderful," said Breaux.

Whether it be setting aside resident's favorite bingo card or by having their favorite drink memorized. Breaux tries to accommodate everyone.

"God gave me a chance to help out and that's what I want to do," said Breaux.

With no plans of stopping anytime soon, Breaux hopes other will be inspired to start volunteering.

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