Former homeless man helping homeless workers

Former homeless man helping homeless workers

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - One young man is part of an East Texas city's effort to help the homeless by putting them to work and hopes to inspire them with his story of overcoming homelessness.

House of Disciples resident Josh Pair works with the city's program to put homeless people to work picking up trash, hoping to help them regain their lives.

Something he understands well, as he was once homeless."I started staying in a shed and taking showers at public parks, I was strung out and basically gave up," he says.

A one-time college student in Oklahoma,  Josh got there like many do. Through addiction.

"Turned into somebody I'm not very proud of, because of methamphetamines. I lost my apartment, I lost my scholarships. It took over my life so fast," Pair says.

Then he came to House of Disciples, and has undergone a miraculous transformation."When he first came, he was very abrasive and very rejecting of a lot of things.

The courage and effort are one their part and it's exciting to see men like Josh take those steps.

He's found his purpose, found his calling," says House of Disciples director Tim Wiseman."You have a purpose. You have meaning and you are worth something," Josh says.

He's now studying to get his master's degree,  and he hopes that his story will inspire some to do what he did. Come all the way back.

"If you've ever wanted to make a change, you can come all the way back. And I'm proof of it," he says. Josh is married now and expects to complete a master's degree in 'education, curriculum, and instruction' from East Texas Baptist University by this summer.

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