Volunteers work on officers’ new house, after it was destroyed by tornado

Volunteers work on officers’ new house, after it was destroyed by tornado
(Source: KLTV News Staff)
(Source: KLTV News Staff)
(Source: KLTV News Staff)

FRUITVALE, TX (KLTV) - On April 29, Damon Williams and his wife lost their home, when tornadoes ripped through their area.

After months of fund-raising, rebuilding has begun.

"Today is awesome," says Williams. "You can see all the people that are here, they are all volunteers just coming out of the good will, most of this stuff is donated."

Wall by wall volunteers, worked Saturday, February 3, to begin the first phase of construction on the William's new home.

"It started way back in the spring after the tornadoes had come through," says David Eiland, a volunteer contractor. "The Mayor of Flower Mound came out, saw there was a need and then from there we raised the funds."

Damon and Melanie, are both Van Zandt County Deputies. They were out on the job when their home was destroyed.

"In the line of work of first responders you see the worst of the worst," says Williams. "So it's heartwarming to see so many people who want to show up and help."

As work was done on Damon's home, crews worked just next door on his mother-in-laws home, which was also destroyed.

"I grew up in a place where neighbors help neighbors, plain and simple," says Eiland. "I'm glad to be out here doing it."

Looking past the debris that the tornadoes left behind, Damon says shifting his perspective is what has gotten him through.

"Lives are not replaceable but material things are," says Williams. "You can look at something and see the worst of it, or you can see something good come out it and that's kind of the way we look at it."

Construction on the deputy's home will take around three months. Volunteer crews plan to come back every Saturday until their job is done.

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