Israeli Troops Arrive At Gaza Settlement

A large force of Israeli troops and police have pushed their way into a small Gaza settlement in Gadid (guh-DEED').

Holdout families and extremists determined to resist the evacuation had lined the entrance with flaming cars.

Israeli authorities had declared Gadid empty, but later learned that dozens of pullout protesters had joined a handful of holdout families.

Today's mission follows clashes at two centers of hardcore resistance _ synagogues at Neve Dekalim (neh-VEH' deh-kah-LEEM') and Kfar Darom (kuh-FAHR' duh-ROHM'). There also have been tense confrontations in several other settlements.

Israeli officials say 16 of 21 Gaza settlements are empty after two full days of forcible evacuation. They say evictions at the remaining settlements could be completed by next week.

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