Knights cancel annual Super Bowl party to protest NFL

Knights cancel annual Super Bowl party to protest NFL

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A Longview group will not hold their annual Super Bowl watch party this year, still upset over political protests and the league's response.

For decades, the Longview Knights of Columbus fraternal organization has held Super Bowl watch parties. But no more.

"We were having an officers' meeting here a couple of weeks ago, and someone said 'are we going to have our Super Bowl party this year?' And without anybody consulting anyone else, we said nobody was interested anymore," says chapter treasurer Vance Lowery.

They say their reasoning is simple.

"For the reasons that they were disgusted with protests with the national anthem and the flag during the seasons football games. The Knights of Columbus are a men's charitable and religious organization. You watch football on television to get away from politics you see on the networks. And I'll be darn if they don't throw it right back in your face in a football game. I quit watching," Lowery says.

And they're not the only ones. Some will have parties but no game.

"I'm going celebrate the weekend because it's a big weekend to have people over, but I will not watch the game. I haven't watched a game since the first person knelt at the national anthem, haven't turned my TV on to watch a game since then. Not a professional game," says Longview mayor Dr. Andy Mack.

With a lot of veteran members in the Knights, Lowery says, their patriotism sparks their response.

"The veterans are especially aggravated by the course of events. This especially hits us as an insult when people are disrespectful of our flag and national anthem," he says.

"A game, it's insignificant compared to the big picture. If you're not going to honor our veterans, I have no place for you in my life. I don't," Mack says.

"I quit watching, and I won't be back," says Lowery.

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