Football Teams Brace Against Heat Wave

Heat advisories in East Texas can take a toll on area football teams getting ready for the upcoming season.  Teams like Robert E. Lee aren't messing around. Head coach Mike Owens says they are taking a break every 15 minutes to keep players from overheating. And head trainer Weldon Thompson says it's all about planning ahead and drinking lots of water.

"You can mix some Gatorade in there," Weldon explained, "but when you eat three or four meals a day, you're going to get all the nutrients that you need, that Gatorade has in it, so if they can just drink as much water as they can get in them before they come out, then it'll be a lot easier to replace that after practice."

The UIL also issues guidelines to the teams to educate them on heat stress.  You can check out those guidelines by clicking on the following link.

Kevin Berns reporting.