Police Impersonator Story Fabricated, Woman Arrested

The witness whose story was the basis for Tyler's police impersonator case apparently made the whole thing up. Tyler police had one concrete witness to go on -- 17-year-old Jennifer Lynn Shillcutt.  The teenage girl said she was stopped by a man pretending to be a police officer and she was able to escape. KLTV 7 talked to Shillcutt two weeks ago when she first made her police report. "Oh, I was pretty scared. I was like crying and stuff and I was really scared, and he was like, well I'm an officer and you have to get out of the car because I said so, and I was, like, well if you're a real officer you would have already called for a back up and got me out of the car... which, my doors were locked, so he wasn't going to get in anyways," she said.

Today, Shillcutt turned herself in to Tyler police. She is facing three criminal counts of filing a false report. Police say since they based their sketch on her report, they are no longer looking for the suspect. But they say they will look into any further reports on the matter. "If anyone else does get stopped by someone they feel is not a police officer or they know is not a police officer, that's something we want to look into," said Tyler Police Officer, Don Martin.

Tyler police confirmed to us Thursday night, Shillcut was the first person to report the police impersonator. She was the one who reported being visited at work by the impersonator and she was the basis for the vehicle descriptions: on one occasion, a dark four-door car; another time it was an Isuzu Trooper with a dent on the left rear side and a U.S. Navy bumper sticker on the back. Every detail, it now seems, was a fabrication.

The only other report to the Tyler police about a police impersonator was made by phone, anonymously.

On Tuesday, we talked to an 18-year-old woman from Brownsboro who said she, too, was pulled over by a police impersonator in Henderson County. She maintains her story is true.

Oralia Ortega, reporting. ortega@kltv.com