Canton ISD releases statement on rumor circulating campus

Canton ISD releases statement on rumor circulating campus

CANTON, TX (KLTV) - The Canton ISD superintendent has released a statement in regards to a rumor circulating on campus that kids at the high school may be in danger.

Mr. Jay Tullos released the following statement on Thursday.

Dear Parent,

Earlier this week an individual made inappropriate comments on social media. The incident was handled swiftly and in accordance to District Policy.  Campus Administration, in conjunction with local Law Enforcement Officials, have thoroughly investigated the situation. 

It appears now on social media the facts have been exaggerated.  To be clear, the comments were not directed at a particular student and there was never any mention of bringing firearms to a school campus.

Obviously, being a student discipline issue, we cannot disclose details of the incident.  However, the individual involved is not on campus.  Please know that we have and will continue to take every precaution available to ensure the safety of each of our students at all times. 

If you have concerns, please contact myself or CHS Principal, Mr. Dusty Spencer.


Jay Tullos


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