Sinkholes cause problems for Tyler residents

Sinkholes cause problems for Tyler residents

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A Tyler neighborhood is a potential danger zone for kids, adults, and especially, small pets.

"I worry about some little kid falling in there and having a knee injury or something more severe," neighborhood resident Jason LeRoy says.

Neighbors in the area say an eight-foot sinkhole is getting bigger and bigger each day, causing a hazard for anyone who walks near it.

"You can't walk here at night at all," neighborhood resident Pamela Willman says.

On the corner of Woods Boulevard and Brookview Court, you can see that these large holes in the ground have caused the streets' foundation to crater. 

Pamela Willman has lived in the neighborhood for seven years and says she has complained to the city multiple times.

She says the City of Tyler filled two of the 20-foot sinkholes just last year, but more continue to cave in. 

"They usually put this red dirt in, pack it really good and then call it done," Willman says.

We spoke with city officials about the issue, they say the significant amount of rain has caused a drainage erosion issue.

Tyler public information officer Jenny Wells says they are planning to fill this hole with red dirt until their investigation leads them to a more permanent solution.

"I think it's a question of liability for the city, it's probably in their best interest because I think eventually someone might get hurt," LeRoy says. 
The City of Tyler says the sinkhole will be filled by the end of the week.