Social media helps woman recover lost wedding ring

Social media helps woman recover lost wedding ring
Source: Lea Lynn Garcie, Facebook

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - A lost wedding ring has been recovered thanks to social media and word of mouth.

Charlene Odom, along with her granddaughter Lea Garcie, has been searching for her ring for a week. Odom believe she lost the ring in Walmart on Estes Parkway in Longview. Odom has worn the ring for 27 years.

Wednesday morning Garcie posted that the ring had been located.


Today she was contacted by someone who had found her ring and she met them and got it back!

Grandma as well as the whole family would like to thank everyone on Facebook for sharing the posts!
We would like to thank all the news stations for sharing the story and helping get the word out!
Also a big thanks to Walmart Corp. and the Walmart in Estes Parkway in Longview for being so caring and trying their hardest to search for it!
And most of all Grandma and the family are thanking the Lord above for bringing it back to her! 
We are beyond happy to see our Grandma smiling again!

So much love to you all! ???? LOVE GRANDMA AND THE FAMILY!"

The ring was a gift from Odom's husband on their 25th wedding anniversary when they renewed their vows. The loss of the ring resurfaced the emotions from the recent passing of her husband, Nash Odom.  They were married 52 years until her husband passed away.

On the day he passed away Odom was checked in a hospital and could not say good-bye.

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