Aggravated robbery trial underway in Longview

Aggravated robbery trial underway in Longview
Jimmy Harris Jr. accused of beating a man with a tire iron and stealing his car. Photo by KLTV.

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - The trial of Jimmy Harris Jr. started in the 124th district court in Longview Tuesday.

Harris is charged with aggravated robbery and fleeing in an October 2016 incident in a garage at a residence in the 600 block of Omega Street in Longview.

Ronald Walker, the victim, was the first to take the stand. He said he saw a man standing in the shadows in his garage.

"And, he told me distinctly, he said, 'I'm going to kill you.' And I said, 'No you're not.' Well, I hit him with two fists, and he hit me with something and that ... I don't remember much anything after that," Walker testified.

Eventually, Walker woke up in his garage.

"I was bleeding profusely, and the only thought that come to me was I got to call 911," Walker recalled.

Then he realized something was wrong.

"The cars keys was gone. The car was gone," Walker said.

Walker also said the man was wearing a bandana over the lower part of his face, and he could only describe him in general terms.

Several Longview police officers involved in the case testified, including Andrew Allison, who saw Walker's car and tried to pull it over which resulted in a chase.

"I knew our units were coming towards us, and you saw the two units pull out in front of me, and so that kind of made me slow down, and they took lead," Allison recalled.

The car wrecked, and the suspect evaded police on foot.

Allison said he never got a good look at the driver and couldn't identify him as Jimmy Harris Jr.

Lonnie Denison took the stand and said he met Jimmy Harris Jr. in a Dallas rehab months later, and Harris told him a story, saying he was high on meth in Longview, and police were driving in the area so he ducked into a garage.

"A guy came out in his garage, saw me, jumped on me, and I ended up beating him unconscious. I actually thought I killed him. I found out later on the news and through Facebook that he lived and was in the I.C.U."

Denison said he wrote it all down after the conversation and told a counselor who said it couldn't be reported because of HIPPA laws. Denison called Longview Police and spoke with a detective after he got out of rehab.

The prosecution continues presenting their case Wednesday morning. If convicted, Harris faces a sentence of 2 to 99 years or life.

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