Relatives Of Victims Expected To Address BTK Killer Today

Today is day two of the sentencing hearing for confessed B-T-K serial killer Dennis Rader.

Relatives from many of Rader's ten victims' are expected to comment before the judge imposes the sentence. The 60-year old Rader pleaded guilty in June to ten murders in the Wichita, Kansas, area.

Yesterday prosecutors offered chilling details into Rader's reign of terror, during which he taunted police with notes signed "B-T-K," which stood for bind, torture and kill. Wichita police detective Kelly Otis testified about how Rader stalked his victims. He said Rader tricked his way into one woman's house with a hard hat, claiming to be a telephone repair man.

The only issue before the judge is whether Rader will serve his ten life sentences consecutively or concurrently. Kansas had no death penalty at the time the murders were committed.

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