SFA Football Coach Raises Intensity Level

Football practice at Stephen F. Austin has taken on quite a different character this season. New head coach Robert McFarland has injected a high level of intensity into everything they do, all in an effort to take the program to national prominance. And despite 11 division 1A transfers, McFarland has had to lay-in to his team a few times this week and says there's still a lot of work to do.

"This football team is not where I want to be," said McFarland. "At this point, if we're going to compete for a championship, we got a ways to go. I addressed that with them when they first got here. They're working hard, we just got to get them all on the same page."

SFA announced today their 11th division 1A transfer is a former starting safety from Notre Dame.  He is junior  Freddie Parish IV.  The Lumberjacks open their season September 1, hosting Henderson State.